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Quick run down on the CSC General Meeting that was held at Room 50 in the Atrium. The usual committee business like the reading of the minutes was followed up with the election of a new Secretary, Amenities Officer and a couple of Exec positions. Due to semestrisation, the financial year was changed from 1st April-31st March to 1st April 2009-28th February 2010.

A motion was passed for this. The other main point of interest at the meeting was the motion to stipulate clearly in the CSC constitution that they are an autonomous body answerable only to the Capitation Body, and not to any of the other Capitated body like DUCAC etc. Other than that, nothing else really happened other than us waiting around for the results of the election, which I won’t really bore you with.

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The third Botanical Society Committee meeting was held on the 29th of September at the fourth year study room. Thanks to Brian, Bridget, Connor and Dara for attending. The following points were discussed:

  • Upcoming Member’s Reception on the 7th of October
  • Mushroom Hunt on the 17th of October
  • Possible speaker on the 4th or the 5th of November
  • Pub Quiz at Cassidy’s on the 18th of November
  • Possible away trip sometime next year to the Kew Gardens or the Eden Project
  • Member Hoodies

    red wineLogistical details for the member’s reception at the Eliz Room was discussed at length. The place is booked from 5:00pm so that we can get there early and setup the place. The reception will kick off at 6:00pm and refreshments will be provided. Our chairperson will give a small introductory talk to the new members outlining the upcoming events, following which copious consumption of beverages shall begin. Jury is still out on whether we should be all posh and get bottles (!) or do and Aldi/Lidl and go with cartons. Hmm, choices, choices.

    mario_mushroomThe second event of  October is planned to be the Mushroom hunt at the Massey Woods. It’s gonna be run by Maria Cullen who ran it last year in conjunction with Howard Fox. I missed it last year, so I’m definitely going this year. It’s a guaranteed fun and educational event, as Maria is well trained in picking out mushrooms without any problems. Who knows, you might end up stranded in some forest some day and have no choice but to live on mushrooms! It’s planned for the Saturday the 17th of October and there’s talk of collecting the edible mushrooms and going to the nearby Hellfire Club and cooking them with lunch. Yum!

    Twain_on_the_lecture_circuitThe first event of November is looking to be a talk of some sort. Last year they had some great lectures like the one by the Ugandan Conservationist Dr. Dominic Byarugaba and this year will be no difference. We are still deciding, so if you have ideas, comment and let me know!

    Cassidy’s on Westmoreland St. is gonna be booked for the Pub Quiz on the 18th. This should be a barrel of fun with some great offers for drinks (pitcher of Bavaria for a tenner so I hear!). We’re still ironing out the logistics of this and looking for volunteers to help out selling tickets and to help out on the night as well.

    eden-projectWe briefly touched on a possible away trip next year to either the Kew Gardens or the Eden Project around February or so. Both look fantastic, and if we had the time and the resources we’d definitely do both, but alas, our coffers aren’t endless. More of that later, so stay tuned!

    We’ll be taking names of people who are interested in getting Society Hoodies during the reception. The hoody is gonna be Navy in colour with the Trinity Crest in front and the Society Logo at the Back. It’ll cost about 20/22 euro, and depending on numbers we can get the price down even further.

    Wow, that was a wall of text. I’ll leave you for now the digest all this information! The confirmed events outlined above are up on the Society Calender, so click on the Events banner to the left to go to the Calender page (choose the agenda tab for a quick overview).

    TCD Botanical Society events got off to a good start with the Earth Sciences pub crawl which was held on Wed 23rd of September. Apparently, it was a smashing success. Unfortunately, your humble author was asleep when the said pub crawl was underway due to an evening of revelry the night before. But accounts from the people who attended are nothing but positive.

    The pub crawl was run in conjunction with the other earth science societies, namely Environmental Society, ZooSoc and Joly Society and the turnout was overwhelming with more than 40 people turning up in front of the Museum Building revving to go. Cathal Reilly (JolySoc Treasurer) was the fearless leader for the night, leading the group from one pub to another, starting off at O’Donoghues and finally ending up in the Mezz, where a reggae band entertained the group for the rest of the night. Needless to say there were a few hungover faces at the respective Fresher’s stand the next day. This was a good start for the society and if the numbers at the Pub Crawl is anything to go by, this should be a good year for all the Earth Science societies involved.

    I’ll try to get pictures posted in the Events section when I get hold of some.

    Now that Fresher’s Week is behind us, we can sit back a bit and contemplate on how amazing it was. Thanks to everyone who signed up to the 2009/2010 session of the TCD Botanical Society, which is gonna be the most exciting year yet. We were honestly overwhelmed by the signups throughout the week and especially with the surge of signups on Friday. I guess the Pub Crawl inspired a lot of people. Big thanks to all the members who helped out with the stands throughout the week. Was a smashing success and couldn’t have done it without you guys. Till next time.

    Brian and Danny manning the Fresher's stand

    Brian and Danny manning the Fresher's stand

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