TCD Botanical Society events got off to a good start with the Earth Sciences pub crawl which was held on Wed 23rd of September. Apparently, it was a smashing success. Unfortunately, your humble author was asleep when the said pub crawl was underway due to an evening of revelry the night before. But accounts from the people who attended are nothing but positive.

The pub crawl was run in conjunction with the other earth science societies, namely Environmental Society, ZooSoc and Joly Society and the turnout was overwhelming with more than 40 people turning up in front of the Museum Building revving to go. Cathal Reilly (JolySoc Treasurer) was the fearless leader for the night, leading the group from one pub to another, starting off at O’Donoghues and finally ending up in the Mezz, where a reggae band entertained the group for the rest of the night. Needless to say there were a few hungover faces at the respective Fresher’s stand the next day. This was a good start for the society and if the numbers at the Pub Crawl is anything to go by, this should be a good year for all the Earth Science societies involved.

I’ll try to get pictures posted in the Events section when I get hold of some.