First of all, our annual Mushroom Hunt will be this Saturday at 12pm in Massey Woods. We’re going to be meeting in the Hellfire club’s car park at 12pm before we head into the woods. For those of you travelling by public transport, you can get the 74/74a to its terminus on Stocking Avenue. From there you can walk up to the Hellfire club but we should have cars to ferry people to and from the bus stop. There’s a 74 leaving town at 10.45am or else a 74a at 10.25. You can get them both from Nassau street. Our events secretary Sara will be getting the bus so you can meet her at front arch at 10.30m, text her if you’re planning to meet her. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you at the Hellfire club at 12pm!! You can find the event on Facebook here

Also a few people have been in touch about our trip to the Eden Project. The cost of the flights have gone up so we’re pushing the trip back by a week so we can get a better deal. The trip will now take place on the weekend of February 11th. We’ll be flying out on Friday Feb. 11th at 8pm arriving in Bristol at 9pm. From there we’ll have a coach to bring us from Bristol to St. Austell where we’ll be staying for the two nights. Saturday will be spent at the Eden Project followed by a night out in St. Austell. We’ll be flying home on the Sunday evening at 18.40. We’ve no concrete plans for Sunday morning but we’re looking into local things we can do. We’re accepting the deposit of €20 all this week. You can find most of the committee members in the Botany Senior Sophistor Room which is located in the portacabins across from the botany building. The absolute deadline for signing up for this trip is this Friday, November 5th at 3pm because we need to book the flights before they go up again!

Hope to see you Saturday!!