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Details of green week 2014 are TBA


It is that time of year again, when we take to the woods for our annual fungal forage!

This year the TCD Botanical Society have organised their Annual Mushroom Hunt to take place in Howth on the 27th October at 11am.

Meet in the car park of Deerpark Hotel, Howth at 11am.

Dart: Turn right on exit of station and walk up the road before turning left into the hotel grounds, which are on the opposite side of the road. Walk up the hill to the car park.

Car: At Sutton Cross traffic lights turn left. Look out for the sign for the Deer Park Hotel. Pass Howth castle and follow signs towards Deer Park Hotel
You will find Deer Park Hotel at the right after 1.5 miles.

We will be meeting at the front gate of TCD at 10.15am, and getting the dart together at 10.38am, which should arrive in Howth at 11.07am.

We will have a look around the grounds of Deerpark, before enjoying our finds with some french baguettes and cheese, followed by some casual refreshments in The Bloody Stream, just by the DART station.

Hope to see you all there!
TCD Botanical Society

We are having a special 4th week event this Thursday 18th October at 1pm on campus. We have planned a walk around campus showcasing all the plant species the Trinity campus have to offer. The campus is looking particularly well at the moment with plenty of autumn colour on the trees. We may even throw in a bit of birdwatching also and let you see what birds are present on the campus for the autumn.

Meet at the front of the Botany Department at 1pm (we will wait for anyone, don’t worry!). The Botany department can be found beside the rugby pitch, right in front of the SNIAM Building.
We will relax in the pav afterwards with some light refreshments.
Hope to see you all there!

Don’t forget and check out the society Facebook page where there are now plenty of photos and news about upcoming events posted. Our first major event is going to be the Mushroom Hunt on Saturday 27th October in Deerpark Howth. Watch out for more details closer to the date.

Freshers week is upon us again and we are still here. We have been busy with exams and research etc so as the cold nights begin to arrive here are a few photos of some of the plants we encountered during research projects this summer. Click on them for a larger photo.

Don’t forget and pop over to the main square this week and join the society for another year.

Heath Spotted Orchid in sand dunes in Co. Wexford.

Bee Orchid in sand dunes at the North Bull Island Dublin.


Marsh Helleborine in the marsh on the North Bull Island Dublin. There were thousands of these beautiful orchids in flower this year.

A sunflower growing on the beach at Irishtown, Dublin. You never know what you may find!

Mac Turcaills pub in Townsend Street.

29 November · 18:00 – 22:00
Come join us for the Botanical Society’s annual Christmas Table Quiz!

There will be drink deals, prizes and food platters for all those attending, and we promise a great night of fun.

Planty rounds of course included in the quiz BUT mostly general knowledge for all those non planty folks out there.

4euro for entry, 15euro for a table of 5!

All proceeds go to charity!

The Botanical Society want you to come and watch James Cameron’s AVATAR with us, on Wed. 16th Nov. at 6pm in the JM Synge Theatre in the Arts Block.

We may not be mad about the script, the acting etc but we sure love the plants. Bring a pencil, paper and a few brain cells and see what you can recognise in this groundbreaking movie. This will be a proper 2d version, alas the 3d version is still beyond the scope of the college but if pay €2 on the night we will enroll you in the Botany Society and you can enjoy real 3d plants on our field trips. Way ahead of Cameron we are……………

mmm.....I hope this is not standard field clothing for Botanists on Pandora.

Thanks to all of you who made your way to the Botanical Society stand during Freshers Week and signed up. It was great to meet so many people from different faculties within the college who have an interest in plants.  We hope to provide something of interest for you all throughout the year.

We are still accepting members so if you missed us during the week we will be organising a new members reception and you can come along then and sign up.

Watch this space for details!

A new academic year is upon us and a new committee is in place. The Botanical Society has been active over the last few years and organised some very memorable events which reached a climax with the visit of Dr. Steve Hopper, the director of Kew Gardens in May. It was one of the best attended lectures of the past few years and defined what we are trying to do. Our aim is still to bring some excellent guest lecturers to talk to you all over the next year but also to place more emphasis on field trips which will cover not just botany but also some of the other disciplines from the Science department.

The field trips will hopefully help to complement what is covered in the various courses you are all involved in and give you all a chance to identify much of Ireland’s flora and fauna in the field, an essential skill which needs plenty of practice. Field trips can also serve another purpose though. They are a welcome break from studies and a chance to meet others and socialise after the trip. They also raise awareness and stimulate interest in certain fields of research which you might never have considered entering in the first place. A great example of this are the annual Mushroom Hunts. They raise awareness of the often neglected field of Mycology in the Biological Sciences and I am constantly delighted at the interest and enthusiasm they arouse in those who attend them.

You don’t have to be studying a Science subject to be a member of the Botanical Society, it should appeal to anyone wanting to learn more about the world around us and the challenges future generations will face. We recently cooperated with the Literature and Environmental Conservation: Responsibilites conference held in TCD by leading a guided tour of the Sandymount beach area for some of the conference attendees, lecturers and organisers. The event was so successful that we are going to cooperate with them again on furure projects.

So hopefully we can look forward to your support and encouragement for another year and we look forward to seeing you all at the Botanical Society stand during Freshers Week.

To summarise what we have achieved over the last few years here is a list of past events organised by us.

Events and Lectures Organised by TCD Botanical Society.


Lecture. An Evening with the Director of Kew Gardens.  Prof. Steve Hopper May 31st 2011

Lecture. Dr. Fabio de Sousa Menezes.  “Medicinal Properties of South American Plants”.  March 8th 2011.

Event. Weekend trip to the Eden Project, Cornwall.  Feb 11th-13th 2011

Lecture  If Trees could Talk” Dr. Michael Carey Dec 16th 2010

Lecture. “Pitcairn Island Conservation”.  Noeleen  Smyth  Nov. 17th 2010

Event. Annual Mushroom Hunt Nov 6th 2010

Event. Members Wine Reception Oct 22nd  2010

Event. Botany Treasure Hunt  Sept 24th  2010


Event. Trip to Offaly Bogs with Dr. John Feehan March 27th 2010

Lecture. Dr. John Feehan.  “The Past, Present and Future of Midland Peat Bogs March”.  23rd 2010

Lecture. Dr David Jeffrey. “Botanical Footprints on the Shores of the Pacific.” Feb 23rd 2010

Lecture. Dr. Jerry Douglas. “The role of Biotechnology in Horticulture and Forestry”  Nov 23rd 2009

Event.  Pub Quiz Nov 18th 2009

Event.  Annual Mushroom Hunt  Oct 17th 2009

Event.  Members wine reception Oct 7th 2009

Lecture .  Susan Sex spoke about her beautiful Botanical Art skills October 2nd 2009

Event.  Earth Sciences Pub Crawl Sept  23rd 2009

Dr. Michael Carey will be visiting the TCD Botanical Society to talk about his recent book, “If Trees Could Talk”. You can read a review of the book here.
The talk will be held on Thursday December 16th in the Botany Lecture Theatre, Botany Building, Trinity College Dublin from 7pm – 8pm. Here’s a link to the Facebook event page.

“Carey has a point to make and, with the help of maps, old paintings, and much time digging around in libraries both here and in England, he argues his case as tenaciously as a woodland Richard Dawkins. In a nutshell, he doesn’t swallow the old ideological chestnut which insists that Ireland was always completely covered in forests until our nasty English neighbours came in and cut it all down. “I wanted to find out how much woodland was actually there,” he says. “It has been grossly overstated because of the way we’ve been taught history, and because the experts disagree big-time on it”

It promises to be a great talk!!