1. Name: The Society shall be known as T.C.D. Botanical Society.

2.   Objects:  The objects of the society shall be as follows:

i) To further interest in Botany and to promote Environmental awareness amongst the student population by organising lectures, talks, discussions, walks, film showings and other related events.

ii) To organise related field trips of a Botanical nature.

iii) To act as a meeting medium, both intellectually and socially, for members of the university with Botanical interest.

3.   Membership: Membership shall be open to all capitated students of the University.  Ordinary membership shall be granted to capitated students in return for a subscription of €2 or such other figure as shall be decided by the Committee or Annual General Meeting within the limits set by the C.S.C.  (Provision will also be made to allow members of staff of the College to become members of the Society)

4. The Committee: The Committee shall consist of the following officers: the Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, Social Secretary, PR, Trip Officer and three committee members. The committee will take office in week 10 of Hilary Term.

5.   The Committee will meet on a fortnightly basis.  A quorum of 4 is needed before any motion can be passed.

6.   Officers and Committee members may be removed from office before the completion of their term of office only by vote carried by 20 or 66% of those members of the Society present at an Extraordinary General Meeting whichever is the lesser (see also below).

7.   The Annual General Meeting and General Meetings:

The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held between weeks 7 and 9 of Hilary Term.  A notice shall be posted on the Society’s notice-board or otherwise publicised to the members not less than three days before the meeting giving the date and time of the meeting and the fact that elections to the Committee will take place thereat.

8.   The meeting shall be open to all students and members of the academic staff but only ordinary members of the Society shall be entitled to vote.  The meeting shall be chaired by the chairperson of the society.

9.   At the meeting the officers shall read their reports of the Society’s activities for the year, and the election of a new Committee shall take place.

10. A general meeting of the Society may be called by the Committee or by 20% members of the Society presenting a signed petition to the Committee.  Three days notice as provided for in the case of an Annual General Meeting shall be given.

11. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called following the procedure set out above for General Meetings.

12. Candidates for election must be ordinary members of the Society, and each candidate must be nominated and seconded by a ordinary member of the Society.

13. No one shall be admitted to membership less than 1 week before an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

14. The Officers: The Chairperson shall oversee the general running of the Society and shall be answerable to the Committee.

15. The Secretary shall be responsible for all the correspondence of the Society and shall keep a record of it, and for keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Society and of the Committee and to provide the Secretary of the C.S.C. with a record of the Society’s activities during his/her term of office not later than the date set by the C.S.C. for submission of this report, and shall be answerable to the Committee.

16. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all the finances of the Society, for the collection of subscriptions and the maintenance of accounts and shall have the duty of conducting routine communications with the C.S.C. on financial matters including the provision of estimates for expenditure.

17. The Social Secretary is responsible for organising any social events during the year.

18. The PR officer is responsible for publicising the society and its events.

19. The Trip Officer is responsible for organising transport for all Society trips during the year.

20. The Treasurer and the Chairperson shall be jointly responsible for the financial affairs of the Society.  Although the affairs of the Society shall be in general conducted according to the vote of all of the members of the Committee, if the Committee over-rules the advice of the Chairperson and the Treasurer on a major financial matter or the Committee proceeds in the absence of the Chairperson and the Treasurer on such a matter, then the Chairperson and the Treasurer shall either accept responsibility for the decision, or communicate directly and immediately with the Treasurer of the C.S.C. in which case the Committee shall hold responsibility for the consequences of the decision in question.  If only one of the said officers disassociates himself/herself from the decision, then the other officer shall assume complete responsibility; neither will the officer disassociating himself/herself be forced to accept responsibility by the vote of the Committee or of the Society, though they may be called upon to resign by the due process of the Society in which case such former officer shall bring the case to the notice of the C.S.C.

21. The Treasurer or the Chairperson or any persons may be requested to appear before the C.S.C., or officer or sub-committee of the C.S.C. to provide information concerning the finances of the Society.  If a prima facie case exists that Society funds have been misused or misappropriated, the C.S.C. may ask the Senior Dean to declare the person or persons concerned indebted to the College, in which case they may not be permitted to register for the following academic year or to have their degree conferred.

22. The Treasurer shall close his/her accounts in accordance with C.S.C. deadlines and thereafter as soon as may be possible shall arrange for the accounts to be audited as provided by the C.S.C. and these accounts shall be presented to the Committee of the Society and the C.S.C. for approval.

23. All cheques and withdrawal forms from the Society’s bank account shall be signed by two of the designated officers: who shall be the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

24. The ordinary members of the Committee shall be delegated any other duties by the Chairperson as are seen fit.

25. Amendments: This constitution may be amended by a vote of a majority of those present at an Extraordinary General Meeting or an Annual General Meeting.  Notices of such amendments must be given to the Committee before the time set for such a General Meeting and to the Chairperson of that meeting before he/she takes the chair.

26. This Constitution is binding as and from the date of being approved by both the Society and the C.S.C.